MEMPHISSHELBYINFORM is an information and investigative organization composed of concerned citizens and taxpayers. It has the task of monitoring and reporting in depth on Memphis and Shelby County governmental activities and expenditures and educating the public on their efficiency, transparency and honesty.

MEMPHISSHELBYINFORM is a non-partisan independent organization and welcomes all Shelby County citizens who believe that transparency in government and education about how tax money is spent will lead to honesty and efficiency in delivering needed governmental services. MEMPHISSHELBYINFORM.COM, seeks to become a single source of information about your local government. We also will serve as a location for governmental whistleblowers and will receive information from any individual about suspicious governmental activities and protect the identity of any whistleblower should they ask us to investigate such suspicious activities. Such activities might include

  • Conflicts of interest involving public officials
  • Government waste and abuse
  • Self interest regulations and ordinances benefiting public officials
  • Government contracts and awards given to friends instead of the lowest and best bidder

Please contact us concerning this web site if you have any questions about any stories at 901-240-2689 or by email at memphisshelbyinform@gmail.com.

Organization’s Governing Body

President- Joseph N. Saino