The Effects Of The Green New Deal

March 6, 2019


High Speed Trip-Memphis to New Orleans By Rail and Bus


A Memphis friend of mine is taking a trip to New Orleans tomorrow. Rather than fly, he wanted to go by rail from Memphis. He bought the ticket and then found out that due to heavy rains recently, part of the rail line in Louisiana was closed due to high water. Amtrak decided that they will take him to Jackson Mississippi by train and then by hired bus to New Orleans. Another wasted money project involves Illinois and the high/low speed train corridor from Chicago to St. Louis. Work on Amtrak’s Chicago-St. Louis route will cost $2 billion and will offer a top speed of just 110 mph and shave only an hour off the trip.

This made me reflect on several things proposed by the Green New Deal which is being offered by quite a few 2020 presential candidates. As part of the Green New Deal, air travel would be discontinued to save the planet by eliminating the carbon pollution of airplanes. Mule trains would also be eliminated due to pollution by mules.

Nationally, you only must look at California to see the effects of this kind of thinking. The Trump administration says it intends to cancel a $929 million federal grant for California’s high-speed rail project. The administration also wants to reclaim another $2.5 billion in federal funds already spent by California on the project.

The Department of Transportation is accusing California officials of missing several deadlines tied to the $929 million appropriation for the state’s high-speed rail line.

In his state of the state address last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, proposed to scale back the project and focus on completing a link in the Central Valley between Bakersfield and Merced rather than between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Merced will be able to speed up delivery of almonds, pistachios and strawberries to Bakersfield.

Locally, I would like to see something that would be less costly and offer more benefits. Think about the Poplar and Park corridors and how many times you have been held up by low speed infinitely long freight trains. Also include the dangerous Poplar Pike road in Germantown which the rail line crosses several times. The only way around these freight train delays is the Ridgeway Road under pass between Poplar and Park. Driving from central Memphis to East Memphis and Germantown I always think of alternate routes to avoid possible long and slow freight trains. As a result I drive many extra miles from central Memphis to my destination.

Surely several more under or overpasses would come in under the billions spent on the worthless California high speed train boondoggle or the Illinois creepy train plan.

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