I Voted Yesterday and Then Cleaned Out My Closet. What a Surprise!!

October 26, 2018


I voted yesterday and then cleaned out my closet. What a surprise!!


After hearing all the NO-NO-NO advertising and NO-YES-NO and NO-YES-YES on social media I fully expected to see NO! and YES! on the ballot. WRONG!!


What was on the ballot was “Vote For the Amendment or Against the amendment. I saw several voters talking to the election commission staff asking for an explanation. This is another example of the poor wording of these three ordinances. We will have to wait until November 6th or 7th to see the results. Will it be AGAINST-AGAINST-AGAINST or AGAINST-FOR-FOR or something else.


Then I went home and started cleaning out my closet and came across the following sign from 2008 when Memphis voters put term limits in place for the Memphis Mayor and Memphis City Council members, limiting each to two consecutive 4 year terms in office. None of our group shown in the picture were elected but the influence of 30,000 taxpayers paid off with the charter commission imposing two consecutive four year term on the Mayor and the City Council as was already the case for the County Mayor and the County Commission. The City Council at that time fought us tooth and nail but we won. Now both the Memphis City Council and the County Commission want to get 12 consecutive years rather than 8. Vote Against.




In the 2008 vote, more than three-quarters of Memphis voters approved the two-term limit.


Yesterday, on the second and third items I voted FOR and FOR.


Vote your conviction but please vote.




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