The Fight Against Hi-tech Solutions

The Fight Against Hi-tech Solutions


August 22, 2106


The fact that a Memphis taxi cab company is suing Uber and Lyft in federal court caught my eye recently. They allege that the ride-hailing companies are violating Tennessee laws and city ordinances regulating passenger transportation services.


In looking back over my business career in engineering and manufacturing I remember purchasing the first TRS 80 computer. The subsequent computers revolutionized my business making it much more efficient and lowering costs. Uber and Lyft saw a need and filled it in a big way. Maybe they are violating some outdated regulations but that is what politicians do, write regulations which end up restricting competition.



In the high tech field, I have a son in law who was with google but left recently to join Otto, a company involved in designing software and hardware to safely control driverless trucks. His job previously at google was designing the vehicles for google street scene which allows you now to see almost all homes and buildings and is used extensively by real estate people, the government and people in general. No doubt the Teamsters will object to Otto if they are successful in advancing driverless vehicles.


I have written previously about Uber, Lyft and how they could possible help make Mata more efficient, give Mata customers better service and possibly cut the $44 million dollars that taxpayers pay to subsidize Mata.


Instead of filing suit and blocking progress, why not join the hi-tech world and see if we can give Mata customers better service at lower cost. I call on Mayor Strickland to invite Uber and Lyft and start a discussion to see if involving them in Mata transportation makes sense. If you agree I ask you to let the Mayor know with a copy to

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