The Demand For Immediate Economic Justice

August 17, 2016


The Demand For Immediate Economic Justice


There was a recent CA article with the header “Strickland can’t solve problems alone.

The gist of the article was the demand from “Black Lives Matter” to furnish to the disenfranchised, good jobs and opportunity. The article went on to state that no Mayor in America can solve this problem alone. The article stated that the real economic power in Memphis comes from the 120 senior executives who call themselves the Chairman’s Circle.

Contained in this story is the description of the plan labeled “The Moon Missions”. Contained in the Moon Missions are a) expanding prekindergarten, b) connecting Mid-South green spaces, c) creating 1,000 entrepreneurs in 10 years, d) developing a long range plan for regional growth, e) alleviating litter and blight and f) training 30,000 high-tech industrial workers in 10 years.

Here you have the classic HAVES/HAVE NOTS confrontation that has been going on in this country for a long time. None of the above Moon Mission objectives will make an immediate difference in more contracts and jobs for the disenfranchised.

Expanding prekindergarten is a good idea if it results in the children prepared to learn to read when they get to school.

Connecting mid-south green spaces will help with attracting the skilled executive types of people who are considering moving to Memphis.

Creating 1,000 entrepreneurs in 10 years. This is so ridiculous that it does not deserve comment. I suppose Bill Gates and Steve Jobs came from this kind of program.

Developing a long range plan for regional growth. Another expensive plan from a consulting firm. Maybe good but no immediate results.

Alleviating litter and blight. Good idea but no immediate economic results.

Training 30,000 high-tech industrial workers in 10 years. This is a great idea and a skilled worker pool is what is needed but you need people willing and sufficiently educated to learn a needed trade like welding, plumbing, electrical, building maintenance, computer programming at schools like Southwest Tennessee Community College and Moore Tech.

What these protest groups are asking for is a slice of the supply contracts purchased by local companies. Typically local companies buy their products on the basis of price and past performance. They should be willing to take quotes from minority firms but those minority firms, if selected, must perform as well or better than the previous supplier. As for the City of Memphis or Shelby County, they should publish their bids on line showing the selected supplier and all other bidders and why the lowest bidder was not selected if that was the case.

What are your thoughts on these matters?


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  1. Mr. Saino’s analysis is “spot on.” I recommend American Enterprise Institute’s recent published study on why folks don’t work. To summarize the study, men who don’t work claim illness and disability as the primary reason. Women who don’t work claim family responsibilities as the reason. The social safety net is the support structure that permits these decisions. Respectfully, I think this translates to an unwillingness to work. Perhaps the situation in Memphis is unique. But without a deep need to work, any solution will founder. I think we need to look deeper. Have we purposely or inadvertently destroyed the God-given desire to work that He put in every human being? If so, what do we need to do as a civilization to enhance that God-given desire rather than pervert it?

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