Garbage And Recyclables

August 9, 2016

Garbage And Recyclables

I live in the City of Memphis and yesterday morning was my weekly duty to bag up my garbage and put it in my older 96 gallon wheeled container and put my recyclable material in my new 96 gallon wheeled container. It worked out well and I rolled them out to the street and by noon they were both picked up and taken to I don’t know where.

I decided to ask the City of Memphis for information on Inland Waste, the City’s contractor for solid waste and recyclable material. I asked the City of Memphis for a copy of the contract through the City of Memphis open records request system and I got an answer the next day. The contract is  for $4.25 million and is some 122 pages but here it is for you to review. The high bid was for $9.3 million. After a quick review there are some interesting features.

Did you know that your cart has a RFID!! This is a Radio Frequency Identification Device. According to the contract the purpose of a RFID is to gather information about recycling participation and other information mutually agreed upon   between the City and Contractor.

Then I got to thinking about Germantown and Shelby County. Germantown has approved a $3.9 million, five-year trash collections contract with Waste Pro of Tennessee. The contract shows a double-digit increase in price over the current service provider, Inland Waste Services, which the city is discontinuing after a series of upsets to citizens’ services and associated fines and fees the city incurred to resolve them. The new rates include a 34% hike in yard trash. Residents who are now charged $22.50 for trash service will only pay an estimated $4 more each month the first year and as much as another $2 a month thereafter, with the city subsidizing for now, according to The Commercial Appeal.

As a City of Memphis resident I currently pay $22.80 per month as my solid waste fee.

Then I asked the Shelby County government about their solid waste collection services for those residents who live in the County but are not in any incorporated city. Apparently the County residents are on their own and I suppose they contract with some independent service to take away their garbage, recyclables and yard waste. The County did inform me of a contract they have with Memphis Recycling Services Inc to buy all recyclable commodities generated by the County.

I must admit that I am not as well informed about this very important public service and I ask those that read this post to send me more information about your experience with the City, Germantown and other incorporated cities in Shelby County and those that live in Shelby County in an unincorporated area. I would love to hear from you.

I want to congratulate the City of Memphis and Shelby County for their prompt responses to my open records inquiries. Hopefully we can see more of this in the future.




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