A New Plan For Downtown Memphis

December 10, 2013


Please excuse my presumption to comment on downtown Memphis. My credentials are as follows.

1)      I was born and raised here and ran a business along with my brother for over 40 years.

2)      We employed over 60 people and eventually sold the business. Our plant was in south Memphis at 66 West Colorado.

3)      I am familiar with down downtown Memphis and with the beautiful bluffs and the river which are our greatest assets.

I think that we have wasted our greatest asset (the beautiful view of the river) but it is not too late to put it right.

Look at some views of downtown as it is now.

The Old Pier Restaurant on Wagner south of Union.

The Old Cossitt Library on Monroe and front.

The ugly downtown parking garage

This shows you what the riverfront looks like viewing south from front. You see the Riverfront Development and then the old Rivermont with the best view of the river. However there are no restaurants there now.




Compare this with some views of how rivers are treated and developed in Germany. Below is the Rhein River.



Below is shown the river in the port of Hamburg with restaurants, offices, industry, condos and homes

Below is shown a view of Berlin with the river and public buildings, offices, restaurants, parks and life everywhere

This takes careful planning which we have not had in Memphis.

Is it too late to reverse the trend for downtown Memphis? Is the investment in BassPro, the Redbirds stadium and all the other proposals the right way to go? I think we should have citizen input and scale back proposed investments and target one project that could really work and that would involve the parking garage, the Cossitt Library property that could be developed into a destination park, a great restaurant and beautiful views of the river. Think what we could have done with the RDC development money if we had put it into something worthwhile. Think what we could have done with the beautiful bluffs on Wagner south of Beale if we had had a mixture of offices, restaurants, condos, homes and businesses instead of just condos and private homes. Anyone interested? Let me hear from you.

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