The Great Graffiti Threat and Solution

It seems that every time I turn over an open records rock, I find a nest of worms eating away at my financial garden. There are things in the Tennessee Code that you probably did not know and that I have only begun to understand. Many of these laws have been put in the Code with little fanfare and at the bequest of certain elements, mainly municipal administrations and union interests. Here are some examples. Also this process is going on in your County Commission and City Council.

  • The first example I observed just yesterday at a meeting of the Shelby County Commission meeting. This is so incredible that I will attach the proposed ordinance. I just went to see “Atlas Shrugged” the other night and this seems to come out of that movie. It is BIG BROTHER” in spades. They want to prohibit sale of graffiti material to minors and to require the sellers of this material to keep a record of bulk sales (over $25). Incredible. You should email the county commissioners and tell them to get real and lay off the private business people who pay their salaries.
  • Here is another one that I found which is incredible. It is in the Tennessee Code, 7-51-201 which states in part the following. there shall be and there is hereby established a presumption that any impairment of health of such law enforcement officers caused by hypertension or heart disease resulting in hospitalization, medical treatment or any disability, shall be presumed, unless the contrary be shown by competent medical evidence, to have occurred or to be due to accidental injury suffered in the course of employment.”  This is particularly galling to me as after 35 years of running a business, meeting payrolls, trying to make a profit, I had to have open heart surgery due to a major blockage that I think was caused by years of tension and stress. Luckily I had good results but there was no offered line of duty disability with a tax free income for life. This law should be changed and the requirement should be, if anything,  that the public employee show proof that the hypertension or heart disease was caused by the job, not the other way around.
  • I have been talking for some time about the need for education reform in many areas but mainly in the cost of education. There is a provision in the Tennessee Code called “maintenance of local effort”. The City of Memphis found out about this when two years ago they balanced our City of Memphis budget by refusing to pay the full annual $93 million payment to the Memphis City Schools. The Tennessee Supreme Court finally ruled against the City of Memphis and this short term solution to our Memphis budget problem has come home to exasperate our current budget problem. The Tennessee legislature should do away with this law and just require that local school systems maintain a high national standard of educational test results by whatever method and finance support that the local cities and counties devise. This will lead to innovation and competition in education rather than rigid financial standards tied to funding. This maintenance of effort provision was clearly devised and supported by the education lobby.

Everyone should become involved in watching our local and state legislatures as they are at work undermining our liberties by regulations and ordinances that serve little useful purpose.



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