Florida School Improvement Zone Repeats Itself Here In Memphis

We have all been reading about the plans of the Memphis City Schools to spend this waterfall of money from the Feds, from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and from RACE TO THE TOP funds in an intervention plan to improve performance in certain underachieving schools here in Memphis. There are plans to reward the teachers, the principals, the janitors and almost anyone else within a thousand yards of the school buildings.

I wondered about these grand plans and any connection to Florida where Dr. Kriner Cash, Dr. Irving Hamer (head of Department of Academics, Operations, Technology and Innovation here in Memphis), Dr. Rudy Crew and now the elusive Jeffrey Hernandez. They all have a Florida connection. Strange.

Then I got an email and a phone call from a concerned Florida parent (Peter Kimball) asking me about Jeffrey Hernandez. Here is some of what his email said.

Jeffery Hernandez was hired in Palm Beach County in May of 2009 and after six months he was demoted and just barely got out of town with his skin after THOUSANDS of teachers and parents rallied against his crazy plans. No one particularly cares now because he is gone, but we have evidence that he was working in Memphis while he was still collecting a paycheck, including his own admission. What we are looking for is evidence that the superintendent allowed this, violated policy and then altered sick leave, vacation leave and payroll records to cover his tracks.

Hernandez, Crew, Cash and the rest of the band all played together in Florida where they spent $100,000,000 on a failed three year educational experiment called  the “Miami School Improvement Zone,” almost EXACTLY like what they are now peddling in Memphis.  See the attached report about the plan.

Hernandez and his company (NEAP) have been and continue to work for MCS. Along with Jane Roberts at the CA and several MCS school board members, we have been trying to get billing dates and work records submitted to MCS by  Hernandez and NEAP to see exactly how much time he was spending in Memphis on our time. I have attached the proposed contract between NEAP and the Memphis School Board but I do not know if it has been executed. Anything you could do to help would be SO appreciated!

I have submitted an open records request and am awaiting the results. Anyone with information about this subject can email or call with information and the source of the information will be held confidential if that is what the person wants. All we want is transparency of the facts. I was at the MCS office this morning and asked for the contract but was told to file an open records request.

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