Further Details About City Attorney Office

Ms. Jill Madajczyk, senior assistant city attorney, law division, took over the additional duty of open record coordinator from Bridgett Handy-Clay after Bridgett was fired. I went down and met Jill and found her to be very cooperative, competent, pleasant but overworked due to her having a number of  legal cases in addition to this new and hopefully temporary duty for open records.

I added to her work load by requesting some cost figures for recent time periods for outside legal costs and temporary and full time in house costs. For your perusal I have attached some files that Jill sent.


Ms. Madajczyk is working on a list of part time attorneys who work on contract at an hourly rate. We will publish that when it is available. Look over the attached files and let me know if there is anything that raises your interest or about which you have questions.

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