How to Pay $57 million to MCS

Looking back over the Herenton administration, particularly since 2003, the previous Mayor and the current majority of the City Council saved or created 1157 public sector jobs.  And they did this when the population of Memphis went down 12%. Does that sound familiar?

The Mayor has asked for suggestions as to where to find the money so I will take him at his word and make a suggestion.

I have attached two general fund summary sheets showing the following information.

  • FY2003 actual numbers of net expenditures of $461 million. The funded staffing level for that year was 5348  employees. (This included 2525 police).  
  • FY 2011 adopted budget with net expenditures of $630 million and a funded staffing level of 6505. (This included 2726 police).
  • Population 2003 (from the city of Memphis budget report, 677,382).
  • Population 2008 (from the city of Memphis 2011 budget report), 610,434.
  • Population 2011 (from the City of Memphis 2011 budget report) projected 595,900. This is 12% under 2003.
  • CPI up 21% from 2003. City of Memphis operating budget up 36%.

Therefore cut 12% of the 6505 funded staffing level for personnel services ($437 million) across the board saving $52 million dollars. Take the other $5 million out of the City Attorney’s office which grew by $9 million over that period of time and you have the $57 million. Problem solved. We have to quit using the City of Memphis as an employment agency or Memphis will continue to shrink.

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  1. Don Dubois says:

    Amen!!! Can we get the local newspaper to publish this kind of information. The public would get up in arms!

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