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Wednesday, September 11th, 2019


September 11, 2019


There is a very important election coming up on Thursday October 3rd, 2019. I have listed the ballots for the various districts. The ballot for my district is ballot style 2, pages 1 and 2 with my choices listed in red. The most important vote is for the City of Memphis mayor. Mayor Strickland has done a great job in his first term. He has followed thru on his promise to be brilliant in the basics. Therefore, I am voting for his reelection. Vote for your candidates but please vote.




Let us look at some of the other positions and issues in this election.


For my district #5, I am voting for Worth Morgan.


For City Council Super District 9, position 1 I am voting for Chase Carlisle.


For City Council Super District 9, position 2 I am voting for Ford Canale.


For City Council Super District 9, position 3 I am voting for Cody Fletcher.


For Municipal Judge, Division 1, I am voting for Teresa D. Jones


For Municipal Judge, Division 2, I am voting for Tarik B. Sugarmon


For Municipal Judge, Division 3, I am voting for David L. Pool


For City Court Clerk, I am voting for Myron Lowery


For the Referendum “LOCAL OPTION SALES TAX” I am voting AGAINST


Vote your conscience but please vote. I will be glad to discuss this election by email or by phone.