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Our Precious Water Reserve

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

September 27, 2016

Our Precious Water Reserve

There has been much discussion and news articles about TVA proposing to tap our fresh water reserve in order to cool the proposed new natural gas fired power electric generation plant which is to replace the coal fired Allen electric generating plant.

Many people are rightly upset about this proposal as one of our major natural resources here in Memphis is our artesian water reserve. Many people are asking a number of questions.

Why can’t we use river water instead of fresh well water? I understand that Mississippi river water would have to be filtered to remove debris in order to protect the cooling apparatus.

Why can’t we renovate the existing coal fired Allen plant with modern scrubbers in order to meet current standards? After all TVA is proposing to spend $975 million dollars for the new plant.

Why are we not considering nuclear generating plants like France uses to a great extent and uses them safely?

I think there needs to be a reconsideration of this decision at least until after the first of the year.  There was a great lead editorial in the Wall Street Journal yesterday about President Obama’s use of unilateral federal and executive power to impose his climate agenda.

The local Green Agenda people wants more wind and solar which has proven to be very expensive compared to coal, gas or nuclear energy but they do not consider high energy prices or high taxes to be a legitimate consideration. They believe in global warming and any discussion about proof is considered to be not worthy or scientific discussion or proof.  Clean drinking water needs to be conserved as we have lot more untapped energy resources then we have clean water.

Consider countries such as Saudi Arabia. All the water for the capital of Riyadh comes from the desalination of sea water and then is piped into the capital. This is a very expensive process and proves that in many cases, fresh drinking water is more valuable then oil. No one really knows how much water reserve Memphis has and Mississippi and many others want a piece of this rich resource.



Strong Families And Good Education Will End Poverty

Monday, September 19th, 2016

September 19, 2016


Strong Families And Good Education Will End Poverty


I will admit that my life has been positively impacted by my parents, my grandparents and great grandparents and beyond. I will also acknowledge that many African American families have not been so fortunate due to past slavery and poor educational opportunities.

But there is a path to good education which is the only solution to poverty. My great grandfather Saino came from Italy to Memphis a few years before the civil war. He was trained as a glazier (window maker) and metal worker. My grandfather on my mother’s side came from Germany trained as a butcher. Neither had any education beyond grammar school. They worked hard and made sure their children got more education than they had.

Now fast forward to today and our present situation. Last March 8th I brought up to date information I received from the Shelby County School system showing that they had spent $340,000 on their lawsuit against the State of Tennessee. The purpose of the suit is to turn over the setting of the amount of your tax money to the Shelby County School that they determine is needed for public education. If they win they will be in charge of your tax rate.

I recently asked for a current update of the amount of money billed to date for this lawsuit and the answer I got was as shown here. Why it takes so long is a question and whether I will in fact get a full answer is still to be determined.

The real issue is being debated on the national stage. One candidate wants to continue the present failing public school system because the teachers’ union contributes almost 100% of available political funds to their favorite candidate. The other candidate calls for school choice and putting the decision of private, charter or public school education for their children in the hands of the parents and family. This is where it should be, family first.

Ending poverty will only come with a well educated school age population. It will take time and multiple generations but we must give families the choice through a fair voucher system.