The Bass Pro Signs


You have probably read about the four huge Bass Pro lighted signs that will adorn the Pyramid if approved by the City Administration. Here is what John Malmo, a noted marketing expert had to say about the issue.


John Malmo, Memphis advertising executive, said, “That’s one helluva sign package, but if you rent the Lincoln Memorial to a retailer and he wants to put up a huge sign to advertise autographed pictures of Jefferson Davis, he’s going to do it unless the lease forbids it.”


I went to my files to see what the lease agreement says and here it is.


Section 5.3. Signage.

(a) Bass Pro’s Building Signage. Subject to approval and compliance with applicable laws, Bass Pro may install the signage to be subsequently agreed to by the parties within the Contingency Period of Section 21.17(c) hereof and thereafter attached to this Lease as Exhibit E, shall maintain and insure all such signage installed and Bass Pro may keep such signage lighted twenty-four (24) hours a day. The costs to purchase and install such signage shall be paid by Bass Pro; provided, however, that the costs of the supports and anchorage of any such signage shall be paid from Landlord’s Contribution. Landlord agrees, at its expense, to support and assist Bass Pro’s efforts to obtain any approvals or variances needed with respect to Bass Pro’s building signage to be depicted on Exhibit E.


It also says the following.

Landlord agrees to, prior to the opening of the Retail Store for business, cause the road to be identified on the Site Plan as “Bass Pro Drive” and to be dedicated as a public road and renamed to “Bass Pro Drive” or the like (as determined by Bass Pro). As part of Bass Pro’s Work, Bass Pro shall have the right (subject to the terms of the Encroachment Agreement. the terms of which are to be subsequently agreed to by Landlord and Bass Pro during the Contingency Period and pursuant to Section 21.17 of this Lease) to theme Bass Pro Drive as desired by Bass Pro, including, without limitation, the construction and installation of water features, signage, trees an other landscaping, arches and sculptures, the costs of which shall be paid from Landlord’s Contribution (to the extent provided in Exhibit C), otherwise the costs thereof shall be paid by Bass Pro.


It seems obvious that Bass Pro is in charge and will get what they want regardless of what the public thinks. After all, they wrote the agreement. What do you think?

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