Local School Math 2+1=4

February 11, 2013

When the school consolidation vote passed I went to the first few meetings of the transition board. They regularly met at each meeting for 5 hours or more and they met often. The seats were as hard as high grade steel so I stopped going.

Now I read that the proposed new consolidated school system has an $80 to $90 million dollar looming budget deficit. How could this happen?

Before the vote to give up the City School Charter, the Memphis City School 2011 actual budget was in balance ($1.175 billion). The Shelby County School actual budget ran a small deficit.

Now I read in the CA article that the preliminary general fund budget for the new unified school district is $80 to $90 million dollars in the red.

You smart people out there please help me out. We voted to combine the two school systems and supposedly to come up with a more efficient, fair, more intelligent new school system by doing away with duplicate jobs, outsourcing services, reforming retiree health care and having one superintendent with one staff. However, with all these savings, we still cannot balance the budget.

People, something stinks here and I would like an explanation. We have to start educating the students in the basics; math, reading, history, science and needed trades. All the other stuff is nice and if we can afford it should be added. However let us get back to the basics so that 2+1=2.75.

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  1. Steve Tapp says:

    The explanation is that one committee decides how much to spend and another committee has to raise the money or be accused of being against school-age children. We don’t need separate school boards. The management staff and our County Commission are capable of running the Socialist School System without even ONE separate school board.

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