What is the Average Salary Plus Benefits of Local Public Employees?

With all the local stories about Electrolux and Mitsubishi locating in Memphis and the cost of winning these company locations, I would like to point out some facts. I am not against these taxpayer incentives as this is the game that goes on in a weak economy run by an anti business national government. Memphis has a lot going for it as far as location, transportation (trucking, river, rail and air), energy, water and infrastructure. We have good weather and business friendly state and local governments.

Manufacturing has changed dramatically due to computer operated machinery and manufacturing procedures. Our local workforce can be trained for the types of jobs required for Electrolux. The Mitsubishi work will benefit from MLGW trained workers and I bet that they will draw some retired but still young ex MLGW skilled field people. Good for them.

What disturbed me was the contrast between the average salary plus benefits of the employees of the City of Memphis and the County of Shelby. According to the budgets and financial documents, the average for the City of Memphis worker is $67,321 and $63,433 for Shelby County. Contrast this with the reported average for Electrolux at $32,000.

What we need to do is to bring down the cost of government salaries and benefits to the average of the taxpayers here locally thereby reducing property taxes and increasing our competitive position. Shelby County did a study and found that the local public sector salaries and benefits are 55% greater than the local private sector employees who collectively pay for the public sector.  My own surveys confirm this discrepancy. This needs to be honestly discussed and reformed. Public sector employees should be paid well for their work but no more or less than the private sector from which the profits and the ability to pay taxes all starts.

3 Responses to “What is the Average Salary Plus Benefits of Local Public Employees?”

  1. Michael says:

    The largest employer in city government is MCS. Are you saying that teachers should be paid less? Are you looking at what we do and how many hours we work a week?

  2. jsaino says:

    I am saying that there should be equity between the public sector employee and the private sector employee as to salary, benefits and pensions. That does not exist now.

  3. Cassi says:

    Certain factors aren’t being taken into consideration or pointed out. Included in these average salaries are the salaries of administrators, directors, attorneys, elected officials, judges, fireman, police officers, and sheriff deputies. The average public employees make no where near the so called average and unlike the average private employee, they must work holidays, show up for work regardless of the weather, and in the case of the majority of county employees, aren’t compensated monetarily for working holidays. They are compensated with time off for only the time worked, not time and a half. While I too disagree with the salaries of certain positions. The majority aren’t average, some even put their lives on he line, and should be compensated appropriately. As for benefits, those have changed over time, but the changes only apply to those hired after they’re made. As older employees retire, more will be saved and equal out.

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